Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Texas Is Finally HOT Enough For The First Swim Of The New Year

My Turquoise Oasis Is Warm Enough For Swimming
In years previous by the Ides of March the temperature has always been sufficiently warm to facilitate a return to my morning swim habit and its resultant endorphins acquired by aerobic stimulation.

This year has been different. Global Warming temporarily bypassed Texas making for the coldest winter since I have been in the Lone Star state.

But, the past several days have been warm, with yesterday getting into the 80s.

And so, this morning I decided to attempt my first swim of the new year to quickly find myself being surprised by how easily I got acclimated to the temperature of the pool, resulting in me having myself a mighty fine time having a mighty fine swim.

I suspect I will repeat this behavior early tomorrow morning. And the morning after that, and many mornings to follow....

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