Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Spencer Jack Jones Is Now A Young Author Going To College

The last time Spencer Jack's dad called me I recollect mention being made of Spencer Jack possibly taking a night class at Mount Vernon's Skagit Valley College, with that class being a learn to speak Spanish course.

I vaguely recollect Spencer Jack's dad making mention of Spencer Jack winning some writing award.

I saw that which you see here this morning on Facebook, via Spencer Jack's dad, Jason Jones.

From Jason's Facebook post, and its photos, I gleaned that Spencer Jack spent a fun day at the aforementioned Skagit Valley College as part of something in its 28th year called "Young Authors".

I do not know what Spencer Jack has authored. I do know that at 8 years old Spencer Jack is already an avid reader, reading way above his grade level.

In the Jones family for several generations the oldest sibling is always left handed. I'm left handed, Jason is left handed, each of the eldest cousins of my various Jones aunts and uncles are left handed.

With only one or two glaring exceptions none of the left handed Jones are organized sports playing fanatics, as in the playing baseball, basketball or football on a team type sports playing fanatics.

For the most part all the left handed members of the Jones family have more evolved verbal skills than the right handers, so I would be very surprised if it turns out that Spencer Jack is a right handed anomaly.

And I have no idea why I have never thought to ask if Spencer Jack is left handed....

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