Saturday, March 7, 2015

Reducing Fort Worth Litter With Oakland Lake Park's Solar Powered Trash Compactor While Unable To Wash My Hands

With the recent visit of the Arctic to North Texas fading from memory, with very little snow remaining unmelted, I decided this first Saturday of March was a good day to march around Fosdick Lake in Fort Worth's Oakland Lake Park.

A lot of people made the same decision, with some in picnic mode.

Earlier today I blogged about adopting a Fort Worth drain to do my part to help curb Fort Worth's astonishing volume of litter.

Fort Worth litter seems to be my blog theme of the day.

On my walk around Fosdick Lake I came upon that which you see above. A solar powered trash compactor, sitting next to two old-fashioned litter barrels.

What you can not easily see, way in the background, is the Oakland Park restroom facility.

An outhouse.

There are none of what most modern towns in the world consider to be modern facilities in Oakland Lake Park.

No running water, no restrooms.

How is it not some sort of health code violation to have parks where people are encouraged to picnic, with no way to wash their hands?

Why in the world would money be spent on a solar trash compactor in a park with no modern facilities, well, except for that solar trash compactor?

How much did this ridiculous thing cost?

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