Thursday, March 12, 2015

In Fort Worth Searching For The Wilderness Camp On The Stella Rowan Prairie

The photo you are seeing here would seem to indicate I was back on my favorite prairie in the Texas Prairie and Lake Region today for the first time in several weeks.

Looking across the Texas prairie at the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth one might think I was hiking my regular Texas prairie hiking zone, that being the Tandy Hills.

One would be thinking wrong if one was thinking I was hiking the Tandy Hills today.

What you are looking at is the view of the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth from the south, looking north; the view from the Tandy hills of the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth is from the east, looking west.

The Fort Worth prairie I was hiking on today is known as the Stella Rowan Prairie. I had not heard of this prairie until I happened upon it by accident this morning.

This morning I volunteered to drive Big Ed to an eye doctor appointment, due to the fact that Big Ed currently has trouble driving due to something called cataracts which are in dire need of being operated on.

I dropped off Big Ed at his appointment and then proceeded to check out my location. Soon I saw a  sign that pointed to something called the Wilderness Camp. That sounded intriguing. What type Wilderness Camp might there be in this bustling modern American city where the west is thought to have begun, I wondered to myself?

Following the Wilderness Camp sign soon led me to the sign you see above which had informed me I was looking somewhere on the Stella Rowan Prairie for the Wilderness Camp.

I soon found myself hiking down a long hill, eventually crossing a creek, with the trail dead ending at what I assume was the Wilderness Camp, though no sign indicated such.

The only reference to Wilderness is that which you see here, that being signage informing wilderness seekers that the WILDERNESS AREA CLOSED FROM DUSK UNTIL DAWN. And to do NO DUMPING.

One finds that closed from dusk to dawn sign only after one has gone the distance to reach the wilderness. So, since one would have reached the wilderness is not the wilderness actually open? And really, how is it actually possible to close a wilderness, what with it being a wild zone?

Anyway, I had myself a mighty fine time today hiking in a wilderness and on prairie I had never heard of before.

I doubt I will be back. Big Ed can ride the bus for any future eye doctor appointments at that location.....

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