Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Have You Ordered Your Limited Edition Texan Washingtonian T-Shirt Yet?

A few minutes ago I was scrolling down through Facebook and came upon the "Sponsored Post" you see here.

It seems Facebook is getting real good at targeting ads at a specific Facebooker.

Apparently 190 of these "Living in Texas but from Washington" t-shirts have been sold.

I had no idea so many Washingtonians were living in the Lone Star State.

I figured it was only myself, Big Ed and Steve A, from Washington, living in Texas.

If there are 190, or more, of us Washington Exiles, in Texas, maybe we should form some some sort of support group. Maybe a Facebook page.

A support group would likely be a great help in dealing with the culture shock for any new incoming Washingtonians feeling bum puzzled by that which they are experiencing that is so different from the America they knew up in the far northwest.

I know I would have found a support group of fellow Washingtonians helpful early on in my exile in Texas. I probably would have adjusted to the culture shock more quickly if things like The Fort Worth Way had been explained to me way back when I first starting thinking something was not quite right with so many things in so many ways in the new town in which I found myself living....

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