Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Friday The 13th Fellow Paraskevidekatriaphobes

Friday the 13th is not particularly happy at my location today, that is if one happiness is dependent on not being under a gray cloud filled sky that is dripping wet.

I am not a superstitious sort, though, just as I typed that, I did recollect I do seem to knock on wood with some regularity.

The Wikipedia article about the serious subject of Friday the 13th is informative.

For instance, while the number 13 has been associated with bad luck for a long time, combining 13 with Friday is a relatively new superstition, with some confusion as to what got people thinking Friday the 13th is a bad thing, but the idea took hold early in the previous century.

Anyway, with the sky continuing to drip I think I will open my umbrella before exiting my abode to go on a walk under a ladder after spilling some salt and breaking a mirror while looking for an upside down penny to pick up near a black cat....

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