Wednesday, March 11, 2015

A Middle Of The Night AccuWeather Wolf Cry Over Possible Fog

Last night I was peacefully horizontal when around 3 in the morning my phone made its incoming message noise.

I opted to ignore the incoming message noise the first time it woke me up, figuring I'd quickly fall back into being peacefully horizontal.

About three minutes later the phone again made its incoming message noise.

I thought to myself this must be something serious with someone desperately trying to get a message to me.

So, I got myself vertical and went searching for the phone. The hunt did not take long.

I woke up the phone and quickly saw the urgent messages were both from AccuWeather, a photo image of which you see here.

Why would this AccuWeather thing think it a good idea to send out two messages in the middle of the night alerting hapless sleepers that a Dense Fog Advisory was in effect?

What is one to do with this advice in the middle of the night?

And now hours after the sun arrived with its incoming illumination possibly impacted by dense fog, I have seen nothing remotely foggy.

I must figure out how to disable fog alerts on the phone before the next instance of AccuWeather crying wolf....

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