Saturday, March 28, 2015

A Drive By A Giant Leaking Orb On The Way To The Tandy Hills & Town Talk

I was back on the Tandy Hills today for the first time in a lot of weeks. Two Saturdays ago, en route to walking around Fosdick Lake in Oakland Lake Park, when I drove by that blue orb you see hovering above the Tandy Hills I was surprised to see a large volume of water cascading down Bridge Street, with the leak looking as if it came from the blue orb.

Two weeks later and the leak is still leaking, in copious amounts. Is the Lawn Whisperer out of town?

The Tandy Hills were much greener today than my last visit, way back when winter was still in town.

At Hoodoo Central at the north end of the View Street trail there was no Hoodoo, just a pile of rocks where a Hoodoo is usually Hoodooing. South of Hoodoo Central, the massive Hoodoo that I saw my last visit is now gone, replaced by several smaller Hoodoos which seemed to be functioning as trail markers, including marking one of two new trails I came upon today.

The first of the new trails served as a sort of bypass link from the View Street trail to the newly installed outdoor auditorium of benches.

The second new trail I came upon today is what you see above, with that marker marking what is called "Wildflower Loop".  It is appropriate that this loop is named as such, due to this open part of the Tandy Hills prairie usually being the most colorful wildflower area.

However, today, I did not seem much color blooming on the Tandy Hills. Are the wildflowers late this year? Were they damaged by the deep freezes, snow and ice of the past 30 days?

Changing the subject from big leaks, new trails and flowers which are not blooming, to something else.

I made an increasingly rare Saturday visit to Town Talk today. It was a good visit. I got two bags of apples from Yakima. That is a town in my old home state of Washington. In addition to a lot of apples I got a lot of tortillas, a big bag of Mayo Cobo beans, extra sharp English cheddar cheese, cauliflower, chicken, carrots, two pumpkin pies and other stuff I am not remembering right now.

A short while ago a knock on the door had me opening it to get delivered a package in which I found Smoked Salmon, sent from someone in Washington who felt I needed a good Washington fix. I may have been doing some whining about feeling homesick.

I am thinking it would be a good idea to open that Smoked Salmon, and pair it with that extra sharp English cheddar, on a cracker or two. But not right now, because I am only an hour past lunch.

Does anyone have the Lawn Whisperer's phone number.........

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