Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Day Late Happy 8th Birthday To Spencer Jack

Yesterday was my one and only great nephew, Spencer Jack's, 8th birthday.

This morning when I checked in on my email I found that last night Spencer Jack's dad had emailed me with an account of Spencer Jack's 8th birthday, including some not too subtle humble bragging about Washington's balmy weather.

The subject line of the email: March 7th:  a special date in the Jones family tree

The message in the email in its entirety...

Spencer Jack Jones turned 8 today.

Born  3/7/07 at 3:06 p.m.   Making Jones family history as the first official 'great' nephew.

He woke me up this morning shortly after 6 a.m., despite going to bed very late the night before.

He was very excited to celebrate his arrival anniversary.

Soon Spencer convinced me that sleeping in wasn't an option. We looked out the bedroom window and realized it was another sunny 60 degree warm Washington winter day.

We both quickly showered and dressed and were out the door. I grabbed my camera for a photo of Spencer on his 8th year on earth in the Skagit Valley.

With sunglasses in hand, almost a Skagit Valley necessity these days, we parked the car and watched the sun rise over the Skagit River.

Beautiful sunrise.

Spencer had plans of meeting a few of his classmates for a fun Saturday birthday party event at a newly opened trampoline gymnastic type of kid center in Bellingham.

He was so looking forward to such!

He just had one unpleasant thing to do prior to that. That would have been his Saturday morning indoor soccer game. He fights sports a lot. And prefers other activities. But he knew he had to go.

I was more than amused after dropping him off at such, when I got the news that Spencer had been officially 'kicked out' of his soccer game today by the referring official.

I don't believe he was the first of the Jones family be asked to leave a sporting event. Maybe just the youngest.  

I have personally witnessed his Grandpa being tossed from a game. And have heard stories of his great youngest Aunt being asked to leave as well. And I do believe that there is a few stories of your dad arguing balls and strikes with umpires over the years.

Nonetheless, Spencer doesn't argue with umpires.

His dad just forgot to make him wear his shin guards to the game. Which means he couldn't play today.

He wasn't upset at all. He may forget them next week.

This kid has different priorities. This week, he was selected by the school to spend a day at the Skagit Valley College to participate in their 'young authors' program.

This dad is proud of his 8 year old.

I suppose learning how to write my advance him in the world a little more than kicking a ball.

But just like Spencer, I think a little different than most.

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