Friday, February 20, 2015

The Fort Worth Public Library Is Closed Friday So I Am Going To The Burlington Public Library To Check Out Mrs. Burwash

This morning, soon upon getting vertical for the day, it crossed my mind that I had not been to my neighborhood library in quite a long time, hence a shortage of reading material.

So, I decided I would go to the library today.

Then I remembered I was in Fort Worth and my neighborhood library is closed on Friday.

Soon thereafter I was on Facebook and saw that which you see here, that being the library in my old hometown of Burlington, Washington.

In this particular Facebook post the Burlington Public Library's librarian, Janice Jackson Burwash, is announcing that the Burlington Public Library hours have been expanded to open at 10am, Monday through Saturday.

The population of Burlington is only around 8,000. Fort Worth's population is around 100 times bigger than Burlington's. How does little Burlington manage to so well serve its 8,000 some residents, library-wise, whilst big Fort Worth so ill serves its 800,000 some residents?

Regarding the Burlington Public Library librarian, Janice Jackson Burwash, it was from Mrs. Burwash's mom, decades ago, I checked out my first  library book, at the old Burlington Library, a block away from where I grew up. That old library was eventually replaced by a new one across the street, long after I no longer lived in Burlington. That new library has been replaced by an even newer library, which is where Mrs. Burwash is standing, on the right, holding a piece of paper, the significance of which I was unable to determine.

Mrs. Burwash is married to Mr. Burwash, first name Martin, author of the acclaimed, possible Pulitzer Prize winning, historical novel, Vis Major, the tale of the most deadly avalanche in American history, available on Amazon and in well stocked libraries and bookstores all over the world.

I do not expect to find Vis Major in my neighborhood Fort Worth library the next time I manage to be there when it is actually open...

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