Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Overheating Walking To Albertsons Before Finding Cool Relief Poolside

I overheated on my roundtrip to Albertsons in my weekly Wednesday futile attempt to acquire Fort Worth Weekly on the day it becomes available for my reading pleasure.

Upon my FW Weekly-free return from Albertsons I decided to cool off with some poolside lounging, since, as you can see, I was already properly attired in my favorite swimming suit.

I have not been in that hot tub you see on the far side of the pool in several days. I just have not been in the mood to get HOT when the air is so freezing cold.

Currently that formerly freezing air has heated up by 30 degrees to a relatively balmy 52,  which is why I was sure to slather sun screen on all spots exposed to the sun whilst I was doing the pool lounging.

I hope real heat returns soon. I am starting to worry I may not remember how to ride my bike, what with it being so long since I felt warm enough to roll my wheels.

Maybe I should re-activate my dormant roller blades and get some endorphins via that method, except I sort of swore off ever rolling those bladed wheels again after I had a spectacular crash caused by being startled by a giant snake whilst roller blading with the Village Creek Indian Ghosts.

I just realized I do not know where my roller blades are currently located. I really need to develop a  better inventory tracking system....

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MLK said...

Cold we're gray here. 303 days