Sunday, February 22, 2015

Only A Boondoggle Would Build Bridges Over Nothing Claiming To Save Money

No, that is not a photo one of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's bridges under construction you are looking at here.

The fact that this bridge is being built over water should probably have been a good clue this was not one of The Boondoggle's Three Bridges Over Nothing.

Has there ever been another bridge construction project in the history of bridge building that has claimed bridges are being built over dry land so as to save money?

How many of the world's feats of bridge engineering have taken as long as The Boondoggle's four year bridge building timeline?

Last night something caused me to freshly ponder The Boondoggle's bizarre propaganda about the building of these three bridges over dry land.

I have previously wondered whether it would not make a lot more economic sense to be digging the ditch that goes under the bridges at the same time as the bridges are being built. Rather than wait til four years from now when the bridges may finally be finished.

Well, we all know the reason the ditch is not being dug at the present time has nothing to do with making it cheaper and easier to build the three bridges.

It has to do with funding.

J.D. Granger's mama, congresswoman Kay, has failed to secure the federal money The Boondoggle was counting on her securing when The Boondoggle gave J.D. the Executive Director job for which he has zero qualifications, except the party planner part of the job.

So, last night a fresh level of absurdity regarding the building of these three bridges occurred to me.

Let's imagine that four years from now those bridges actually connect the mainland to the imaginary island. Would not those three bridges present an engineering obstacle to the ditch digging equipment scooping out the dirt for the un-needed flood diversion channel?

How will the ditch digging equipment get around the bridges? Will the digging be difficult to engineer around the bridge piers?

Does anyone have an actual factual explanation as to the why of the four year construction timeline for The Boondoggle's very simple, small bridges?

Is the building of the bridges being strung out in slow motion because the incoming funds to pay the bridge builders are coming in in slow motion?

If The Boondoggle had been funded in the way towns which wear their Big City pants fund public works projects, rather than hope begging for federal handouts bears fruit, would Fort Worth already be enjoying the benefits of this myopic vision, with Fort Worth being protected from floods it was already protected from for well over a half a century?

It's all very perplexing.

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