Tuesday, February 17, 2015

No Snow From The North Texas Sky While My Computer Revolts With A Blue Screen Of Death

Well, I guess I am grateful the weather predictor's prediction of frozen water material in various forms did not materialize, as predicted, at least at my location.

The predicted freezing cold did arrive, however, as predicted.

As you can see via the skyward view from my patio outlook on the world, stormy looking clouds do blot out the sun this morning, but nothing snowy is falling from them.

Currently, this is the first time I remember since my exile in Texas that I have been so eager for the return of being way too HOT and humid.

Changing the subject to some of my other woes.

Last night I finished with an HTML code upgrade to almost 400 webpages. This took a few days.

I was only about a half done with the HTML code upgrade when my computer greeted me with the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. The computer auto-restarted, after which all seemed fine.

Til later.

I was peacefully laying horizontal watching TV when suddenly the computer  screen turned blue again, this time with odd noises. It did not auto-restart. So I re-started it. After re-starting I then shut it down so as to not have a repeat.

Then I went back horizontal and was looking at some of the webpages I'd just changed and saw a major problem in one where rogue ad code was making a mess.

So, I got up and once again re-started the computer, it came up, I fixed the mistake, turned off the computer and returned to being horizontal.

Now, this morning I have had no computer problems, knock on wood, so far, except for the secondary monitor was not displaying correctly. That was fixed by turning it off and back on.

I  really am not in the mood to go through a computer going bad on me. It's been a long time since I've had that type woe. I think if that happens I may take it as a sign that it is time to move on from being so computer centric and let a smart phone suffice.

Of course, that would mean giving up on blogging and webpage making, which would be a huge loss for the world, but somehow I think the world would survive just fine....

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Get a Mac