Tuesday, February 24, 2015

It Is So Cold In Texas My Neighborhood Cactus Has Sprouted Ice Thorns

How many more days of this sub-freezing slippery madness must we and our neighborhood ice cactus endure before this frigid nightmare is over?

I am running low on vittles. I had hoped a Tuesday thaw might allow vehicular transport to Walmart and ALDI.

But, I do not want any type of repeat of last winter's sliding back and forth to ALDI debacle, so I am being extremely conservative with any attempted wheel rolling.

And with the temperature well below freezing at less than three hours til noon, I am not optimistic about a possible thaw of any significance melting today.

I was more than slightly mortified to hear on the radio a few minutes ago that a possible additional wave of freezing wetness may arrive on Wednesday.

Yesterday I did manage to walk up the hill to Albertsons. I usually do not buy groceies at Albertsons, that being a longtime aversion that dates back to not liking Albertsons back when that store was considered, by me, and others, to be the worst grocery store in Mount Vernon.

I remember soon upon moving to Texas, asking a local about the local grocery store situation and being appalled to be told that Alberstons was among the local area's best. Many years later the local grocery store situation more matches what I was used to in Washington, what with the addition of Central Market, Sprouts and others.

Like Whole Foods.

I am not a Whole Foods fan.

Though, I must say the Whole Foods that opened in Seattle around the turn in the century, is nice. I assume Whole Foods had to amp up their game to compete in that much more competitive market with grocery store shoppers having much higher expectations of what to expect in a grocery store.

Checking my inventory I find I have four eggs, two slices of bread, about a quart of milk, a chunk of cabbage, some carrots, a  half an onion, a lot of yogurt, about two pounds of Italian sausage, one can of tuna, a half a bag of rice, a few celery stalks, a couple cups of oatmeal and some spinach tortillas.

I likely will be able to survive until the thaw....

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