Monday, February 23, 2015

It Is So Cold In Texas The Dinosaur Valley Dinosaurs Are Not Moving

Yes, today's Ice Storm of freezing rain and sleet extends all the way to Dinosaur Valley and beyond,  to points further south, such as Austin and San Antonio.

No, I am not currently in Dinosaur Valley State Park visiting the frozen dinosaurs. I saw this photo via Twitter a few minutes ago when I went to Tweet about Spencer Jack being in training for the 2028 Panther Island Olympics in Fort Worth.

What with the temperature being below freezing and what with dinosaurs being cold blooded reptiles, the Dinosaur Valley State Park dinosaurs are pretty much not able to move today, frozen solidly in one spot.

Today's winter storm is the first of this winter storm season which has pretty much precisely matched the dire predictions of the weather predictors.

Except I do not remember reading a prediction that last night's thunder booming, which I have seen referenced as Thundersleet, was on the menu.

I currently do not hear much vehicular action going on outside, except the occasional sound of tires loudly slipping on ice.

After the last Ice Storm, last year, Miss Puerto gave me ice cleats which I have yet to use. Maybe I will attach myself to them and go do some icy exploring, later. Maybe not.

I am sort of enjoying not being cold, after yesterday's incident where I got soaking wet via an unexpectedly heavy downpour....

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