Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hoping To Prevent A Hot Texas Tamale From Accidentally Shooting Herself

As soon as I saw that which you see here I knew I needed to share this information as a sort of cautionary tale directed at a certain Hot Texas Tamale, who I shall not name, who legally packs heat due to having one of those concealed weapon permits that are so popular in the part of the planet.

I have been at an event, a time or two, with the aforementioned Hot Texas Tamale and have inquired if she was currently armed and potentially dangerous, to be informed that she was armed and potentially dangerous.

On one of those occasions the Hot Texas Tamale was wearing what I think is called a cocktail dress. A slinky black deal. Maybe cocktail dress is not the correct term. Anyway, on that occasion the Hot Texas Tamale sort of implied, when I asked where she was concealing her concealed weapon, that her dainty pistol was located in the same location you see that pistol located above.

With this news that a woman in St. Joseph, Michigan accidentally shot herself to death whilst adjusting her bra holster I really think it would behoove the Hot Texas Tamale to go from concealing her weapon, to openly carrying it, via a holster attached to a belt around  her waist.

It is always wise to be cautious....

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