Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Falling Texas Flakes Of Snow On The Last Wednesday Of February

When will this wintry madness end?

A few minutes ago I put my camera in snow mode for the first time that I remember doing such.

I then stepped outside to take a photo through the bars of my patio prison cell.

Those white spots you see in the picture are what are known as snowflakes.

My limited photographic skills prohibited me from accurately documenting the fact that those aforementioned snowflakes were falling in copious amounts.  Maybe not to a blizzard level, what with there being no wind blowing, but still, a lot of snowflakes dropping to the ground.

It is now about 10 minutes past the point in time where I snapped a snowflake picture. The snow has now ceased falling and melting has resumed.

I may be needed in a couple hours to drive a semi-blind man to a doctor's appointment in Euless. I would prefer not doing so, fearing a repeat of last winter's ALDI nightmare where the roads turned to ice making for a long, slow, scary drive from ALDI back to the relatively safety of my abode.

Apparently today's snow is not the end of this wintry madness. More snow is on the weather menu for Friday.

I think I will search for my cross country skis today and get them waxed and ready to slide. It is always a good thing to be prepared....

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