Sunday, February 15, 2015

Basking In Balmy Texas Waiting For An Arctic Blast While Washington Allegedly Bakes

Looking skyward, past the bars of my patio prison cell, the sky appears to be working towards being a bit stormy, which makes sense, since that is what is predicted to happen at this location on the planet, today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow.

An Arctic Blast is supposed to be arriving soon, bringing possible snow and ice. But in the meantime this third Sunday of the second month of the new year of 2015 is being heated to 72 degrees in the noon time frame at my location in North Texas.

Meanwhile, from the frigid north, this morning I got an email from Spencer Jack's dad, he being my favorite nephew, Jason, with the subject line being the title of a KOMO news article.

Record high temps in Seattle, Olympia

The message in the email including the link to the KOMO article and these word's from Spencer Jack's dad...

"Hot and dusty in my neck of the woods".

Hot and dusty in the Western Washington Puget Sound zone? Well, I remember a February Saturday from decades ago. Record breaking high temperatures arrived after many weeks of cold and rain. The locals  flocked to the various outdoor venues one has available in that outdoor venue rich zone. For me, that meant driving to Camano Island, with no bridge needed, to Camono Island State Park, to lounge in the sun whilst laying on oversized driftwood.

For those of you reading this in this island deprived part of the planet, where only imaginary islands exist, brought to you be the demented product factory of the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle, and are wondering how one drives on an island, with no bridge. Well, long ago dikes blocked off the saltwater, creating a causeway connecting Camano Island to the mainland.

Anyway, after reading that Jason was being hot and dusty I went to check on the current temperature in Mount Vernon to find myself wondering if it'd been so long since I experienced a Washington winter that 45 degrees no longer sounds warm to me for a day in February. 

Then I remembered that HOT February day from long ago on Camano Island. That day the temperature got into the 70s, well above freezing, unlike 45, which is only a few degrees above freezing.

I wonder if my computer based  temperature monitoring device is malfunctioning and giving me a false reading of the temperature in Mount Vernon and other towns in Western Washington, all of which seem be sharing a similar level of chill to Mount Vernon's 45....

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MLK said...

They lied. Still cold.