Thursday, February 19, 2015

Another Ice Storm May Be Cometh To North Texas Next Week

I saw that which you see here a couple minutes ago on Facebook, confirming what I saw earlier via my computer based weather monitoring device, that being another prediction of an incoming blast of cold, arriving over this coming weekend, by Monday turning into a possible Ice Storm.

Ice Storms are my least favorite Texas weather event. I never experienced an Ice Storm before moving to Texas.

Anyway, below I will copy the weather warning from my favorite Texas weatherman, John Basham....

WINTER WEATHER UPDATE - 910 AM THU FEB 19 2015 - NORTHERN 1/2 OF TEXAS INCLUDING: THE DALLAS/FORT WORTH METROPLEX, WACO, ABILENE, MIDLAND/ODESSA, LUBBOCK, AMARILLO, WICHITA FALLS, SHERMAN/DENNISON, & TYLER/LONGVIEW - It is now becoming more and more apparent as a large part of the country is battling winter weather that Texas will be it's target very soon. Sunday (2/22/15) into Monday a combination of extremely cold air and a series of upper level disturbances will give the Northern 1/2 of Texas it's first widespread shot at wintry precipitation of 2015. As if that news isn't enough to make you cringe, it doesn't appear (at this time) that the wintry precipitation will fall as that ever so pretty and fun snow. No, instead it appears the majority of the wintry mix will fall as that hard to love sleet and freezing rain. The beginning of the wintry mix will occur on Sunday across the region and spread farther south as we move into the day on Monday. The scenario as to how much accumulation of ice will occur is anyone's guess at this point. It seems clear with a warm slightly unstable air-mass above the surface sub-freezing temperatures that any areas of increased lift or near elevated convection could cause locally heavy accumulations of ice while others may only see a glisten or glaze, to nothing at all. I'll continue to keep you updated throughout the early part of the weekend as to where I believe the greatest risk will occur. I have included an image of the latest GFS computer model (just one possible scenario) for noon Monday. It shows an ICE STORM developing in the DFW Metroplex. Keep in mind these models have been shifting North and South wildly over the last 24-36 hours so this is not in stone by any means, but I wanted to make sure that you PREPARE for the possibility that you could not drive or get to the store or drug-store by early next week. Prepare now for this potential. THIS IS NOT A NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE PRODUCT. Meterologist John Austin Basham - Storm Spotter METOPS Fort Worth, Texas

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