Saturday, February 28, 2015

A Freezing Fort Worth Slippery Rain Walk On The Last Day Of February

Sometime after noon on this last Saturday of February I left my abode not knowing if I would be able to successfully traverse the field of ice that carpets the ground between my exit and my mailbox.

I soon found that my intended route to the mailbox was not a good idea, slick as it was with a thick coating of ice.

I then found a more circuitous route, over the snow covered lawn, that eventually got me to what turned out to be an empty mailbox.

I then decided to amp up my adventure level and slide my way up the hill to Albertsons.

En route to Albertsons I watched multiple instances of vehicles unable to get sufficient traction to move.

I forgot to mention, upon entering the outer world I quickly discovered that which was not seen by me via looking out my windows, that being that the predicted freezing rain was falling on top of the snow, thus greatly adding to the slipperiness.

Due to that falling freezing rain, when  I decided to try and capture on video some of the vehicular sliding action I had to find cover from the freezing rain first, under a tree. You can see the resulting video below, of the aforementioned wheels slipping, along with sleepy sounding commentary.

In addition to wheels slipping and sleepy commentary, in the video you will also see my boots crunching through the snow on my way back from Albertsons, with a panoramic view of my neighborhood Winter Wonderland...

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