Sunday, January 18, 2015

Watching The Super Bowl Bound Seattle Seahawks Win Again From The Imaginary Football Capital Of The World

What an entertaining Sunday afternoon of football, from my vantage point, here in the Imaginary Football Capital of the World, Tarrant County, where no football was played today, watching a rather amazing Seattle Seahawk's overtime comeback win over the Green Bay Packers, which sends the Seahawks to Arizona for the Super Bowl.

I "watched" the Seahawks win today via live blogging with Scott up in Seattle.

This was a much more enjoyable means of watching a football game than enduring a television broadcast with its endless yammering and commercials.

The live blogging provided plenty of visuals, including visuals likely not seen on the TV broadcast, such as Richter Scale readings when the fans would get quaking way too much.

I did not envy any of those live on the scene 12th Man fans watching that game in person on what looked to be a rather miserable stereotypically rainy Pacific Northwest winter day today.

But, I suspect the record breaking crowd, though wet, in the end, except for the Packer fans in attendance, thought it was well worth it, watching those beloved Seahawks win again.

And now the two weeks of pre-Super Bowl hoopla begins for parts of America.

I suspect the hoopla will be a bit muted in the Football Capital of the World....


Anonymous said...

That was great!
Best win ever.

Steve A said...

Checking on things before the game, I discovered that Tony Romo is one of the 10 most hated NFL players. Obviously a case of green envy...