Wednesday, January 21, 2015

This Morning The Republicans & ISIS Have Me Searching For A Desert Isle Hermit Refuge

This morning I suddenly found myself deciding that I think it may be a good idea to live out what years I have remaining on this planet in utter sublime isolation.

Googling for desert isle refuges or ghost town hideaways brought me no useful information.

I am not sure what the tipping point was which pushed me over the brink into thinking being a hermit was a really good idea.

It may have been reading yesterday that the demented criminal barbarians who call themselves ISIS had taken a group of 13 Iraqi boys who had been watching an Iraqi soccer match on TV, to a public square where they were executed by machine gun fire after an announcement to the watching  crowd informing those watching that the boys were being executed for their serious violation of Sharia Law of watching soccer on TV.

Did this actually happen?

If this did actually happen did I miss that emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, called to finally do something serious about this latest Islamic aberration, which calls itself ISIS?

Back when Hitler was doing his dirty deeds, murdering millions of Jews, and others, in Death Camps, there was no United Nations, there was no mass world-wide communication via television and the Internet. Most of humanity had  no idea, til the war was over, just how evil Hitler and his Nazi minions were.

Had the world known, would more have been done to stop the slaughter of innocents in gas chambers? I would have hoped so.

But, judging by the world's reaction to the ongoing ISIS atrocities, murdering innocent boys, beheading innocent men, terrorizing a wide swath of Iraq and Syria, with there really being no meaningful world reaction that I've made note of, well, I don't know if the Internet and world-wide mass communication would have been of any use against the Nazi evil either.

And then there was last night's POTUS SOTU speech. I thought this was the best State of the Union speech of Obama's reign. If only he had a Democrat majority in Congress to give the world some hope that some of which he proposed might actually to pass.

But, somehow Americans voted last November to give the Republicans a majority in both Houses.

This morning the thing that seems to have bugged those Republicans the most of what Obama said last night was when he reminded the Republicans that he had twice won election to the presidency, with that remark coming after derisive Republican applause when Obama said he'd run his last campaign.

Out of all that was said last night by the President, this retort by the President is something Republicans want to focus on? With all that is going on in the world worthy of focus, this is something to complain about?

I just grow tired of it all. Whether it is the world issues, like the ISIS barbarians, or the national issues, like the Republican barbarians, or the local to Texas issues, with even more barbarians. With not much of anything being done to thwart the barbarians.

With so many barbarians storming the gates I really just want to pull the plug and make it all go away.

In the meantime, it is time for lunch....

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