Saturday, January 3, 2015

The Sun Shined Bright For A Moment On This Third Day Of 2015 In Texas

A few minutes ago, on this Third Day of the New Year of 2015, the sun broke a hole through the clouds, with a big enough hole for a large patch of blue to appear.


But, long enough that I was able to take a photo through the bars of my patio prison cell of the bright glaring sunlight bouncing off a pool filled near to overflowing by last night's deluge of downpouring rain.

That deluge of downpouring rain was accompanied by a long thunderstorm with way too much booming for far too long.

In other words, I had a rough night last night. A rough night of sleep interruptions due to that aforementioned booming thunder.

The outer world has suddenly seemed to darken, again. A quick look out my computer room window sees no blue sky remaining. Gray clouds once again cover the sky from horizon to horizon.

Changing the subject to something else.

This morning, on Facebook, I have been shocked, shocked I tell you, to read Miss Julie's, who in 2014 went by her stripper name of Fluffy Monkey Buns, tale of her recent groupie assignation with members of Fleetwood Mac, post a recent concert in Dallas.

Miss Julie's adventurous tale came complete with rather revealing photo documentation of the sort I had not seen on Facebook at any point any time previous to today.

Changing the subject back again to the weather.

During that brief and shining moment when the sun returned I was filled with a momentary desire to head somewhere in the outer world for a walk. A walk with the Indian Ghosts at Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area seemed like a good idea. Then I remembered last night's flood level of rain and the likelihood Village Creek is flooding, with the park closed.

And now the gray doom has returned, clouding out any strong desire to commune with nature in a park-like setting....

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