Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Texas Is The Worst At Graduating High School While Washington Is The Worst At Not Loving One Specific Canadian

Last night I came upon a scientific study on something called Thrillist which listed what each state in the American union is worst at.

Apparently Kansas has the ugliest scenery. Arizona is the worst at going to the dentist. Idaho has the worst drivers. New York is the worst to be a taxpayer. Oklahoma has the worst produce consumption. California has the most polluted cities. Utah is the nerdiest. North Dakota has the fewest visitors. Ohio has the worst water. Maryland is the worst at incarcerating the elderly.

Those are a sampling of the worst ats. You can click the above link to see what all the states are worst at.

And then there is Texas. As you can see above, Texas has the fewest high school graduates per capita. What a shock. Was the Texas education system in better shape back in the days when the state elected people like Sam Rayburn, Lyndon Baines Johnson, Barbara Jordan and Anne Richards?

And then there is what my old home state of Washington is worst at.  Washington is worse than any other state at something quite serious.

Worst at loving Justin Bieber.

How did Thrillist find out about the Washingtonian disdain for Justin Bieber?  Is Mr. Bieber being Canadian a bigger strike against him in Washington than in the other northern border states? Many people do grow up in Washington finding the Canadians to be a bit annoying....

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