Sunday, January 11, 2015

Seattle Seahawks 12th Man & Texas Earthquakes With No Super Bowl For The Dallas Cowboys

No, that is not an artist's rendering of what Fort Worth's Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's "lake" might look like, if it ever gets to the fill the thing with water stage.

The body of water you are looking at is an inlet of Puget Sound known as Elliott Bay, which would make that not the stunning skyline of beautiful downtown Fort Worth you are looking at, but instead, you are looking at just a small part of the actually stunning skyline of the actually beautiful downtown Seattle.

That glowing thing to the lower left of the "12" is known as the Seattle Great Wheel. It is a Ferris wheel type device which spins out over the Seattle waterfront.

This week that number "12" has been showing up all over the Pacific Northwest, including the top of the Space Needle.

This morning I saw a dozen Golden Labrador puppies all wearing sweaters with the number "12" on them.

This number "12" thing has something to do with the Seattle Seahawk fans being the 12th member of the team.

I have not heard if those noisy fans broke another ground shaking sound record during last night's game. I read seismology sensors had been installed around Seahawk Stadium so as to accurately measure any fan induced earthquakes.

Speaking of earthquakes, all the earthquakes that have been shaking the D/FW zone have been getting national attention. I know this due to being asked by people outside of the shake zone if I've been shaking.

The most amusing earthquake related message came from Spencer Jack's dad via email, saying, "I knew Texas had many faults,  but I did not know Texas had faults of the earthquake  causing sort".

Having shaken through many an earthquake whilst living in Washington, these Texas quakes perplex me.

For a couple year period during the 1990s my abode was shaken by multiple earthquakes, known as the Big Lake Quakes, shallow quakes, epicentered about 3 miles to the east, ranging from approximately 2.0 to 3.5.

Those quakes, though low in Richter scale number were very rambunctious. I remember when one of them struck I was sitting in my living room. It hits loud, like a freight train, the windows flex, the fir trees sway violently. I  remember with that one I heard a loud crack in my kitchen. After the shaking stopped I went to the kitchen to find that the quake had cracked the tile floor.

I was laying on my waterbed when another of those quakes struck. It was like suddenly being in a boat in extremely rough water.

Earthquakes are extremely noisy, like a vibrating roar.

With so much population so close to these Texas quakes it has puzzled me why I've not heard people describing the quakes as loud, as violent, as scary. I've read of no one saying their windows flexed during a quake, looking like they might pop out.

Being near the epicenter of a 3.0 quake should be an unnerving experience, to a level I've not heard anyone, who has been shaken here, express.

Today Dallas plays in a football game, way up north, by a Green Bay, not an Elliott Bay.

Now, this is  amusing, just as I typed the above I realized I was not certain who it was Dallas was playing today. So I checked to find that the game was already over, with Dallas losing, due to the Green Bay Packers scoring 21 points, while Dallas ended up with only 16.

Does this mean Green Bay heads to Elliott Bay to play the Seahawks to see who goes to the Super Bowl? I have no idea.  I imagine I could find out if I wanted to expend a little effort....

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Steve A said...

Yup. Green Bay gets a chance to redeem their loss to Seattle earlier this season.