Monday, January 5, 2015

Overnight An Orange Orb Almost Landed On Me While Freezing Under A Full Texas Moon

This morning when I stepped outside to my elevated patio perch on the outer world I was startled to see that overnight the orange pod-like orb you see here had mysteriously attached itself to a tree branch.

What is this orange thing that somehow ended 30 feet from the ground?

An egg? An extra-terrestrial  being arriving with the full moon?

I would need a ladder to reach this thing for a closer inspection.

Without a ladder all I can do is wait and see what hatches. If anything.

I do not know if anything hatchable would have been able to survive last night's extremely frigid lack of heat.

It was a Three Dog Night, last night. Since I have no dogs I had to find myself an extra blanket at some point in time after midnight.

For the first morning in a long time I did not go swimming in the hot tub this morning.

I did not go hot tubbing for two reasons. One being the obvious reason of it being way too cold to get way too wet. The second reason being I forgot to bring in my hot tub suit yesterday from its outdoor drying location, rendering it frozen stiff and thus requiring a de-frosting before being usable.

Coming up on noon the temperature in the outer world has now gone well above freezing, to 35 degrees.

I think in a few minutes I will put on several layers of outerwear and venture into the outer world to experience some of that bright blue sky and the rare appearance of the sun....

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Anonymous said...

You should have that tomato checked for JD Granger's fingerprints. Or Dud Kennedy's.

/Just sayin'