Sunday, January 18, 2015

Macie Is The Seattle Seahawks Latest 12th Man Fan Not From Texas

I saw that which you see here, this morning, on Facebook, via Macie Knappson's mom.

Macie is a Snicker Doodle, combo Schnauzer/Poodle, who found her forever home this week in Kent, Washington, where she will now live in Only Child Syndrome splendor.

In other words Macie is getting a lot of attention, hopefully not enough to turn the little cutey into a spoiled brat.

Macie already has had herself fitted with a Seattle Seahawks green and blue sweater with the #12 on it.

The past couple weeks the #12 has sprouted up all over the Pacific Northwest on all sorts of things.

Including the Seattle Space Needle, as you can see above.

A few years ago some obscure Texas school got itself all twisted due to thinking Seattle had somehow stolen this 12th Man concept from them. That Texas school went so far as to sue someone over this supposed 12th Man theft. I recollect more than once reading about more than one Seattle Seahawk 12th Man fan having no clue that some obscure Texas school also deemed its fans its team's 12th Man.

Due to very few people in the Pacific Northwest knowing that some obscure Texas school shared this 12th Man thing the case never progressed to the point of being tried in court.

I don't know if that obscure Texas school still clings to this 12th Man thing, what with the Seattle Seahawks having sort of brought the concept to national awareness.

I doubt I will watch today's pre-Super Bowl game between the Seahawks and Green Bay Packers. Last year I watched, for the most  part, the games which led to Seattle being in the Super Bowl.

This year it all has a sort of been there, done that, seen it before feel to it. I suspect if Seattle wins today I will be watching the Super Bowl in two weeks. I usually do that anyway, for the commercials, which have been a bit lame the past few Super Bowls....

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