Thursday, January 22, 2015

In Texas The Fourth Thursday Of 2015 Dawns Dripping Cold

It is a dark and stormy morning, pre-dawn, this fourth Thursday of the New Year of 2015.

Rain began precipitating at my location yesterday before the sun receded, with the dripping continuing all night long.

I think I will let the drippage give me a good reason to bail on a hot tub swim this morning.

Last night I was over at Miss Puerto Rico's when the rain started. I was visiting Miss Puerto Rico to receive kitty sitting instructions.

Miss Puerto Rico is returning to her home island today, hence the kitty sitting instructions necessity.

Since Miss Puerto Rico's last return to her home island the cat I previously cat-sat, who I called Hitler Cat, both because of its odd mustache-like upper lip zone and its behavior, has gone to Cat Heaven, replaced by two kittens.

As for this vexing rain, apparently there is a chance that the falling water may turn icy, either in snow form or sleet form, as today progresses towards Friday.

I found the details of today's weather trauma on Facebook this morning, via the North Texas Weather Guru, John Basham....

WEATHER UPDATE - 850 PM WED JAN 21 2015 - NORTH CENTRAL TEXAS / WESTERN D/FW METROPLEX - Rain will continue across all of North Texas overnight tonight through Thursday as an upper level storm system continues to slowly move across the region. A mixture of Rain & Snow (with some brief sleet possible) will move into the Western portions of the Metroplex by mid-morning Thursday. The greatest chance of a Wintry Mix in the Metroplex will be in Parker, Wise, and Denton Counties between sunrise and mid-day. Some accumulations are possible BRIEFLY on elevated surfaces, grass, and trees in some of the heavier wet snow. The temperature will remain ABOVE FREEZING so there will be no travel issues. This will simply be a beautiful view with a welcome period of precipitation. I'm attaching the High Resolution Rapid Refresh HRRR radar projection for the region through this time period. THIS IS NOT AN NWS FORECAST.

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