Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Herding Miss Puerto Rico's Cats While Watching Winter In Arizona With Spencer Jack's Dad

As you can see via the view from Miss Puerto Rico's balcony this last Tuesday of the first month of 2015 is seeing a sky void of clouds at this location in North Texas.

I heard from Spencer Jack's grandma this morning that rain is falling on her in Arizona. Spencer Jack's grandma is visiting Arizona partly as a short break from Pacific Northwest winter rain.

Ironically, Spencer Jack's dad just emailed me with the news that the Skagit Valley, that being the home zone of Spencer Jack's grandma, is currently enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures in the 60s.

The temperature at my location, in the noon time frame, has hit 70. I opened my windows upon my return from checking in on Miss Puerto's baby felines.

Speaking of the baby cats, the one I call Friendly Cat has gotten used to me, to the point she likes to play with me now with her collection of toys. While the one I call Grumpy Cat is still a bit grumpy and runs away from me to various hiding places.

But I reached into today's hiding place and pulled out Grumpy Cat, who did not seem to mind. I thought Grumpy Cat would go nuts if I ever managed to catch her. I'd never seen a cat run as fast as Grumpy Cat runs when she runs to get away from me.

Following is the message in Spencer Jack's dad's email, and following that is that which was attached to the email....

Found this amusing.  Although, unlike the East Coast, Skagit Valley has had a very mild winter.   Yesterday's high was a pleasant 66 here in Mount Vernon.

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