Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy Ice Free New Year So Far At My Texas Location With Me Not Being Manly Man Enough To Hike The Tandy Hills

In this view you are looking through the bars of my patio prison cell at a steaming hot tub where a few minutes prior to taking this picture I was having myself a mighty fine first day of the new year hot tubbing.

In the middle of the night when I heard my window being hit by what sounded like little pellets I thought the Ice Storm had cometh just as predicted, along with no morning hot tubbing being likely due to a too slippery walk to the hot tub's location.

However, upon the arrival of the sun, and its daily lighting duty, I quickly learned that the Ice Storm cometh not at my location.

Despite my temperature monitoring devices indicating the temperature was cold enough to freeze water, as in, 32 degrees, which remains the temperature.

Even now, hours after the sun's arrival, the only thing frozen at my location, that I am aware of, is in my freezer.

As has been the case every year since the turn of the century, I did not manage to stay awake til the arrival of the new year. When 1999 turned into 2000 I did manage to join the HUGE throng in downtown Fort Worth to do the countdown to the new century.

This is the first year in several years that I have not started off the new year resolved to get my hefty weight back under 200 pounds. At the start of 2015 I am already well under 200 pounds.

Near as I can remember I am pretty much resolution free at the start of this new year.

At the start of each new year I always notice an increase in the number of people getting exercise in the various parks I visit. That increase quickly dwindles as the New Year's Resolutionaries lose their resolution resolve.

I have not received any notification regarding the status of today's scheduled Manly Men Wild Women New Years Day Hike on the Tandy Hills.

Unfrozen water continues to precipitate at my location. I suspect this is also the case four miles to the west, on the Tandy Hills.

Anyway, anyone reading this I hope you will be having yourself a mighty fine Happy New Year.....

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