Friday, January 9, 2015

Fort Worth In The Deep South & Mount Vernon In The Far North Are Temperature Twins Today

This second Friday morning of 2015, temperature-wise, as you can see via computer generated temperature graphics generated by my computer, there is no warmth advantage, currently, to being located in the usually warm Deep South, compared to my former location in the Far North, a couple thousand miles distant.

Fort Worth is 34 and Cloudy. Mount Vernon is 34 with Some Clouds.

Mount Vernon, in the Far North, is heading today to a high of 49, while Fort Worth, in the Deep South, is heading to a high of 37.

The temperature in Washington, in winter, is moderated by this big mass of water called the Pacific Ocean. That same big mass of water, in summer, provides natural air conditioning.

The nearest big mass of water to Fort Worth is known as the Gulf of Mexico. That Gulf is several hundred miles distant, hence no temperature moderating body of water, not in winter, not in summer.

I do not recollect, in past winters, such a long period of dreary, cold, gray weather in the North Texas zone.

The usually pattern of Texas winter weather, if my memory is remembering correctly, is there can be a bout of cold weather, lasting a few days, sometimes accompanied by frozen water.

Those short bouts of cold weather, in times past, in Texas, have always been quickly followed by pleasant temperatures in the 70s. Or 80s.

Maybe I am remembering wrong.

All I know for certain is right now being some place tropical sounds real good.

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