Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Does TCU Now Play The Winner Of Oregon/Ohio State For The College Football Championship?

I admit I am not much of a fan of football. Or watching most sports.

Of all the sports people find to be something they are willing to sit and watch, basketball is the only one which I have enjoyed watching.

I went to many a Seattle Supersonic game over the years, til the team was stolen by the thief who calls himself Aubrey McClendon.

With football I don't get what people find to be so compelling that it causes them to watch these games week after week. It just seems like endless variations of the same thing, to me.

I do enjoy a good halftime show, though.

Anyway, I admit I don't get the local umbrage over their local team, TCU, being denied a spot in the college football final championship group of four.

I mean, TCU may have had a good record, winning a lot of football games, ranking high in those all important football polls. But, the reality of the matter is TCU is a small school most of the nation knows nothing about, except for it being three initials on a football poll. With those three initials, TCU, playing in a town most of America knows nothing about, Fort Worth.

I have no idea if lack of national presence was factored in when the decision was made as to what school was to play for the all important national college football title, but I suspect TCU's relative obscurity may have been a bit of a factor.

I wonder how many people watching yesterday's college football championship, where Ohio State beat Oregon 42 - 20, got what was meant by the sign you see in the photo above,  "WINNER PLAYS TCU"?

I wonder how many of the people in Cowboy Stadium yesterday from Ohio and Oregon knew that TCU was located just a few miles to the west of where they were sitting?


Steve A said...

How could TCU be a national champion when they couldn't even win the Big 12 championship? Especially with no known connection to the Dawgfather?

Durango said...

Steve A----Shows how little attention I pay. I did not know TCU did not win the championship this year in the league in which they play. This makes all the local gnashing of teeth over not being picked to play for the championship even more amusingly perplexing.

Steve A said...

Both Baylor and TCU had one loss in league play. Baylor beat TCU. Seems pretty simple. Of course, Baylor later lost their bowl game to a team that lost only to Oregon and Ohio State.