Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Currently I Am Periodically Suffering 3 Out Of 7 Common Cold Symptoms

Yes, that is an accurate artist's rendering of me you are looking at here, including the receding hairline.

In the middle of the night, the past three nights, I have found myself suddenly awake and coughing.

Along with a sore throat.

I get up and drink some water and the sore throat goes away.

Then I lay back in bed wondering if I am coming down with a cold for the first time in years.

My other cold indicating symptom, the past three days, has been getting a headache in the afternoon, which then abates around the time the sun leaves for the day.

Is my extremely highly evolved immune system fighting off a cold virus, somewhat successfully, is what I think may be happening.

Or am I just suffering from being denied any high speed Tandy Hills hill hiking or mountain bike riding for well over a month?

All I know for certain is I do not want to go into full blown cold mode. It has been a long time since that has happened to me, but the memory of the misery is still fresh.

And I certainly do not want to go into flu mode.  That has not happened since early in the 1990s and was the most miserably sick I have ever been.

I think I need a strong dose of the sun's rays warming me up in the outer world. I have no idea where I can find such a thing right at this particular point in time at this particular point on the planet....

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