Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Giant Seattle Seahawk Bears Down On The Space Needle Hoping To Beat The Dallas Cowboys In The Super Bowl

I don't pay much attention to football, neither the American version or that odd version the rest of the world plays.

But, if you are in Seattle at the current time it is hard to avoid the fact that the Seattle Seahawks are on track to be in yet one more Super Bowl.

If I remember correctly the Seahawks won the Super Bowl last year.

Seattle Seahawk fans are quite demonstrative, but I really do think the giant holographic Seahawk logo you see here, dwarfing the Space Needle, is a bit much.

And why is this at the north end of downtown Seattle, rather than the south end where the Seahawk Stadium is located?

Has anyone been near Arlington's Dallas Cowboy Stadium, after dark, since the Cowboys also got on track to maybe be in their first Super Bowl of this century? Is there a giant holographic Cowboy logo dwarfing Cowboys Stadium? I suspect there must be, what with Tarrant County being the Football Capital of the Free World.

I just realized, I do not know what the Dallas Cowboys logo is. Is it a Cowboy hat? One would think that I would know this, living as I do about four miles west of where the Cowboys play football.

Is the Cowboy logo that silver star one sees on the 100s of special Dallas Cowboys themed outhouses sitting on the Dallas Cowboys' parking lots?

Are there any other NFL teams whose stadiums are surrounded by team themed outhouses?


Anonymous said...

The Seahawks cannot play the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl. It's not possible, as they are in the same league.

Durango said...

Well, Anonymous, that just goes to show how little attention I pay to football. So, no Seattle/Dallas Super Bowl. How disappointing...