Friday, December 26, 2014

Watercolored Snowflakes Fall On Oregon's Cannon Beach While No Snow Falls In Texas

Currently there are 364 shopping days til Christmas.

Which means I should have plenty of time to get the Christmas shopping I do, done in time for December 25, 2015.

The watercolor painting you are looking at here was sent to me by my cousin Scott.

Cousin Scott lives on the beach in Cannon Beach, Oregon.

I do not know if cousin Scott painted this watercolor he sent me for Christmas, or not.

I suspect not.

I do not remember when last I was in Cannon Beach. I know I was slightly north of Cannon Beach, in Seaside, a couple months before I moved to Texas. I recollect a pleasant night of listening to the roar of Pacific waves and playing with seals in the Seaside Aquarium the next morning.

The watercolor painting of Cannon Beach appears to be depicting big snowflakes falling. I do not know how often that happens. I suspect not too frequently.

On this day after Christmas at my currently location, nowhere near being deep in the heart of Texas, no snow will be falling, due to the temperature currently being 60, heading to a predicted high of 67. With clouds and a little drippage.

I was going to go on a bike ride today, what with these balmy temperatures, but the lack of sun and that aforementioned drippage has discouraged  me......

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