Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Slowly Making My Way Through A Dense North Texas Fog To A Steaming Hot Tub

Last night in the middle of the night, as in at 3 in the morning, my phone went off with its incoming text message type noise.

After the phone woke me up I woke it up to find the message which woke me up was from AccuWeather, alerting me to the fact that a heavy fog would be blanketing North Texas by morning.

Why did I need to know this in the middle of the night? I must find out how to shut AccuWeather up. It's more annoying than Pete Delkus in Weather Drama Queen Mode.

By the time the sun arrived this morning following by me opening that which blocks the incoming sun from coming in my windows, it was obvious, without any sort of AccuWeather alert, that a heavy fog had descended upon the land.

I don't recollect seeing a pea soup thick fog of this level at my current location previously. This is like a thick fog rolling in from Puget Sound and the Pacific Ocean. There is no ocean within hundreds of miles of my current location.

The foggy view in the above photo is from the vantage point of this morning's foggy hot tub soak. Normally in this view, without fog, you could see the redrock colored walls of Albertsons. This morning all you see is a wall of fog.

I do not know if it is safe to drive anywhere, what with this almost zero visibility thing happening. I suspect by the time I'm feeling like rolling any sort of wheels the fog will have lifted sufficiently to make it safe to do so.

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