Friday, December 12, 2014

Happy Birthday To My Dear Ol' Dad

Today being my dad's birthday I found myself looking for a photo of my dad for happy birthday illustrative purposes.

Eventually I found the photo you see here, of All My Dad's Family.

Sounds like a soap opera.

If you are wondering what birthday number today is for my dad, well, my dad was not quite 15 when World War II came to an end after a couple big booms.

So, you will need some minimalist historical knowledge and slight math ability to calculate how old my dad is today.

Back to my dad's soap opera.

Currently, the cast of All My Dad's Family is almost the same as you see above, with a couple major changes, with the biggest change, I suppose, being the addition of Spencer Jack to the cast.

That is Spencer Jack's dad, my favorite nephew Jason, standing in front of me. I am holding my favorite nephew, Jeremy. Next to Jason, in front of my dad, is my favorite nephew, Joey. Next to Joey, in front of my mom, is my favorite nephew, Christopher.

Next to me, is my little brother, Jake, who is Spencer Jack's grandpa. At the far left of that row is my favorite brother-in-law, Jack.

Spencer Jack is not named after my favorite brother-in-law, he is named after my favorite dad, Jack. And Spencer Tracy. I think.

Next to Jack is my favorite sister, Jackie. Jack and Jackie are Christopher and Jeremy's parental units.

Another big change to the cast of All My Dad's Family has been Spencer Jack's grandma, my favorite ex-sister-in-law, Cindy, being replaced by my new favorite sister-in-law, Spencer Jack's step-grandma, Jill.

Spencer Jack's grandma, Cindy, returns every once in awhile for guest appearances with All My Dad's Family, such as the guest appearance you can see in the video below, which took place in August of 2008. Cindy is expected to make a guest appearance with All My Dad's Family late next month, in Arizona.

Back when the above photo of All My Dad's Family was taken, the entire show took place in Western Washington. In 2014 All My Dad's Family also has locations in Arizona and Texas.

Below you can watch a very low quality video I took with my now antique camcorder, over six years ago, at Bay View State Park, documenting the first time Spencer Jack met me and my mom and dad, also known as Spencer Jack's great grandparental units. I already mentioned you will see Spencer Jack's grandma Cindy in this video. You will also see Spencer Jack's mom, Jenny. And others.

Happy Birthday Dad!!!

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