Wednesday, December 10, 2014

From Anonymous I Learned I Am Too Ignorant To Navigate A Texas Railroad Commission Website Map

On Sunday I blogged about wondering what was up with one of my Chesapeake Energy neighbors, due to its gas pad site being missing some of its usual signage.

I took a picture of a piece of the Chesapeake signage which was laying on the ground.

Someone named Anonymous then took the "Rutherford 1H" name off that grounded Chesapeake sign to, apparently, glean production information about this particular gas site.

Basically the Anonymous comment left me more befuddled than before...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Wondering What's Up With One Of My Chesapeake Energy Neighbors": 

If you are able to navigate a GIS map, the Texas Railroad Commission has a much friendlier version available for your perusal.  It shows that the well (known as the Rutherford 1H) is in production for gas and, as of the last production record from July of this year, produced about 10,000 mcf of gas that month. Based on today's NYMEX Futures price for January delivery. That's about $37,310 for the month of July. I assume the lack of data from July to December is normal lag time from reporting to posting by the RRC. But I could be wrong. 

I went to the Texas Railroad Commission website to which Anonymous directed me to to see if I could alleviate any of my befuddlement about the well known as Rutherford 1H.

Below you are looking at a screencap of the Texas Railroad Commission website to which Anonymous directed me.

I entered "Rutherford 1H" into the search window to come with a no information found message. No matter what I clicked on I could not find specific info about any specific gas pad site's production records.

What I guess I have learned from this is not only am I not able to navigate a GIS map, as Anonymous suggested I do. I do not even know what a GIS map is.

Ignorance really is not all the bliss it is cracked up to be......

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I'm a land surveyor and maps and GIS come easily to me. If you click on the screen, you can use your mousewheel to scroll into your neighborhood(if you can find it on the map) and see all the various wells. When you see the well you want information on, click on the pull-down menu that has an icon of a light-blue circle with an "i" in it. Select "wells" from that pulldown munu and the you can click on the little red sun shap icon on the end of the black line. The pentagon shape is the location of the surface hole and the well pad, but you can't click there for some reason. Alternatively, you can type the API number for your well into that search box and it will zoom you to the well location automatically. Then use the well identification pulldown menu to identify pertinent reports about your well. The other well that is closer to your habitation and has no sidewalk is known as the Sunset Oaks and has five boreholes numbered 1H thru 5H. The API number for 5H is 43932479. Hope that helps. AH