Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Christmas Made In Washington Has Made It To Texas Two Days In A Row

As you can see, gray clouds have returned to my location on the planet. This morning those gray clouds were leaking at a level which caused me to decide my regular morning hot tubbing was not a good idea.

In the picture you are standing on my neighborhood Albertsons parking lot, looking north across one of  my neighborhood Chesapeake Energy Industrial Wastelands at some blue sky in the distance.

Since the clouds seem to be moving south I am assuming that blue sky will eventually arrive at my location.

Just as I was about to open the door to exit my abode a loud knock startled me. I opened the door to see a big man dressed in brown. After determining I was the correct person to whom to deliver the package which the big man in brown was holding, I signed an electronic tablet device, after which the big man in brown handed me that which you see below.

Two years ago the United States Postal Service could not manage to successfully deliver a single package to my abode or mailbox. Last year the USPS delivered three Christmas packages right to my door.

This year the USPS has delivered three Christmas packages right to my door, and left one Christmas package in the lock box by my mailbox. And now today's Christmas package delivery from UPS makes five successful Christmas package deliveries.

I do not know what accounts for the vastly improved Christmas package delivery service.

I have no idea what is in today's Christmas package. As you can see it is something from Made in Washington, apparently Artisan something with a truly local flavor, according to what I can read on the box.

Yesterday's Christmas package delivery also contained something made in Washington, but not from a Made in Washington Store.

Yesterday's made in Washington product was four big jars of homemade jam. one each of peach, raspberry, strawberry and blackberry.

It is well known that I am partial to all things blackberry. Blackberries grow wild and free for the picking in the valley in which I used to live in Washington.

Raspberries and strawberries are cultivated in that same valley, in copious amounts. I do not know if peaches are now grown in the Skagit Valley. I suspect not. The peaches for the jam likely came from Eastern Washington.

I suspect French toast with homemade Washington jam is on the menu for breakfast on the morning of Christmas Eve.

I shall resist the temptation to open any of the wrapped items that were in any of the other Christmas packages, or the Made in Washington box, until Christmas.

Or Christmas Eve.

The four jam jars revealed themselves, with no further unwrapping, when I opened the box which contained them, hence their pre-Christmas consumption potential.

I am a stickler for following a strict protocols when it comes to opening Christmas presents.....

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cd0103 said...

So glad the packages arrived! Have a great Christmas.