Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Anonymous Has Me Boosting The Color Of Fort Worth's Infamous Hillbilly Mudpit

A week or so ago I blogged about the fact that nowhere in the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's 28 page 2014 Fall Update did I see mention made of what J.D. Granger has previously referred to as one of the crown jewel stars of The Boondoggle, that being the pond known as the Cowtown Wakepark, designed by The Boondoggle to be the world's premiere urban wakeboarding lake, leading Fort Worth to once again be at the forefront of the world in offering its citizens one of those precious amenities everyone in the world is clamoring for.

Someone with a name about as common as Jones, that being Anonymous, made an amusing comment about the Cowtown Park being missing from The Boondoggle's Update....

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "28 Pages Of Boondoggle Propaganda With No Mention Of The Trinity River Vision's Shining Cowtown Wakepark Star": 

Local hero Brian Luenser needs to photograph Granger's hillbilly mud pit and show us its true beauty. I don't know of anyone who can boost the color intensity of photos like ol' Bri'.

I borrowed the term local hero from the December issue of Fort Worth Magazine and I got hillbilly mud pit from Durango Texas at Blogspot.

I have no memory of referring to the wakeboard pond as a hillbilly mud pit, but I am sure I did, I just don't remember when or where. Though I suspect, via entering the term 'mud pit' into the blog's search window, I could quickly find it.

The reference to Brian Luenser, to those outside the Fort Worth information distortion bubble, is to a guy who takes photos of the downtown Fort Worth area, including the Trinity River. Some think these photos to be works of beautiful art. Others think these photos are works of distorted propaganda, hence the remark made by Anonymous about the Luenser tendency to boost color intensity.

When I was first exposed to the Brian Luenser School of Chamber of Commerce Photography I was reminded of those photos one often sees of Seattle from the perspective of looking south from north of the Space Needle, photos in which Mount Rainier is made to look much larger than it does in reality. I have wondered, more than once, if this has ever annoyed any Seattle tourists, of which there are many, when the clouds lift and they see The Mountain way in the distance.

I have wondered if the Brian Luenser photos have ever annoyed any of Fort Worth's tourists, of which there are few, when they see the Trinity River, expecting to see what they saw in the Luenser photo's, and instead see a littered ditch without free flowing water.

I decided to see if I could do what Anonymous suggests, and see if I can apply the Brian Luenser type of photo color boosting to put lipstick on that messy pig known as the Cowtown Wakepark.

The un-boosted photo below is from a blogging from way back in 2012 titled Trying To Wakeboard Today At Cowtown Wakepark. That photo is pretty much a documentary look at what this poorly kept eyesore actually looks like. Litter and junk laying about. Green astro-turf atop a beached floating dock.

Applying a saturated boost to the above photo turns the astro-turf into an otherworldly shade of green. The pile of debris in the foreground now looks like some sort of carcass, ready for a BBQ pit. The water is almost an inviting shade of greenish blue. The grass looks so green one might think one was looking at Ireland.

Even if the Cowtown Wakeboard pond looked as good as the boosted version above, I still would not want to get in that water.....

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