Monday, December 29, 2014

2012 Arizona BBQ With Spencer Jack & His Time Traveling 2014 Christmas Train Shirt

On Christmas morning my great nephew, Spencer Jack, opened Christmas presents for me sent to Spencer Jack in Mount Vernon, Washington.

Meanwhile, at that same point in time I opened Christmas presents for Spencer Jack, his dad, Jason and Uncle Joey, sent to me in Texas.

After the presents were opened photos were taken and sent to those for whom the presents were  intended.

When I saw the present for Spencer Jack, which I had opened, it looked familiar, a blue t-shirt which was train themed.

Seconds ago I re-located Spencer Jack's latest blue train t-shirt for photo documentation purposes and to see if I could see what size the shirt is, to learn the shirt has no size info attached. We thought perhaps Spencer Jack was destined to be sent increasingly larger versions of this train t-shirt every three Christmases.

As you can see the t-shirt is from the McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park in Scottsdale, Arizona. I know Spencer Jack rode that park's train when he visited his great grand parental units on that March of 2012 visit. But I did not know he had received his original McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park blue t-shirt months prior.

Spencer Jack likes anything to do with trains. Sort of expanding on the Seattle Monorail obsession his dad had when he was Spencer Jack's age.

I did not know why Spencer Jack's 2014 Christmas train t-shirt looked familiar til his dad sent me the link to a blogging I blogged way back on Friday, March 16, 2012, titled....

Friday BBQ In Arizona With Spencer Jack, Super Hot Potato Chips & Refrigerator Slide Shows.

Part of the referenced blogging is screencapped above.

In that blogging Spencer Jack is wearing the same blue train t-shirt I opened for him over three years later, on Christmas morning of 2014.

It is a time traveling t-shirt.

In the picture of Spencer Jack standing in water he is wearing his blue train t-shirt, at some summer point in time, after finding it under his tree on Christmas Day of 2011.

All in all, I have to say the 2014 Christmas packages sent from Arizona to Texas and Washington have provided us with a much more engaging, entertaining, shared Christmas experience than would have been the case had the package intended for Texas ended up in Texas and the package intended for Washington ended up in Washington.

Before you know it Christmas of 2015 will be here and we will get to do it all over again....

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