Monday, November 10, 2014

Would Jesus Be Arrested For Feeding Homeless People In Fort Lauderdale?

On the left you are looking at Floridian, Arnold Abbott, once again getting fingerprinted after once again getting arrested for committing the horrific crime of feeding food to hungry homeless people starving in Fort Lauderdale.

I do not know if Arnold Abbott is Texas Governor elect, Greg Abbott's father, grandfather or uncle.

I suspect not.

The mayor of Fort Lauderdale apparently is a moron, judging from what he said justifying arresting a 90 year old Good Samaritan for feeding the homeless, that being that "homeless people should have to interact with the government to get food."

If only America were a nation based on Christian beliefs, following the example of Jesus, he being the original Christian, a Son of God who found himself surrounded by hungry people who Jesus then fed by conjuring up loaves of bread, fish and by turning copious amounts of water into wine.

Can you imagine the additional trouble Arnold Abbott would be in if he also served wine with his dinners?

Arnold Abbott and his Sanctuary Church began delivering hundreds of homeless people meals a week, in the Fort Lauderdale zone, starting back in 1990. And then his cruel, heartless, clueless town passed an ordinance making feeding the homeless illegal.

Has Fort Lauderdale also passed an ordinance banning binge beach drinking during Spring Break?

Does Fort Lauderdale not realize how badly they are embarrassing themselves in the eyes of the world?

Arresting a 90 year old good deed doer for feeding homeless people.

Only in America......

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