Monday, November 10, 2014

Today I Heard Betsy Price Talk About A Non-Existent Island & A Bridge Over Dry Land Before Walking Around The Fosdick Sea

What a beautiful day in North Texas, blue sky, 77 degrees, with me having a mighty fine time walking around Fosdick Lake in Fort Worth's Oakland Lake Park, this last day before the incoming icy Arctic Polar Bomb.

This morning I heard Fort Worth's Mayor, Betsy Price, on the radio, touting today's ground breaking ceremony for the Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's Three Bridges Over Nothing.

I wish I could remember exactly what Mayor Betsy said, due to its unfortunate goofiness, but it was something like "today we are having the ground breaking for a bridge over dry land which will one day connect to Panther Island, our 800 acre development that one day will generate a billion dollars in tax revenue."

The reference to "a bridge" as in one bridge, struck me as odd. Is the cash strapped Boondoggle, at this point in time, only able to start building one of its Three Bridges Over Nothing?

This constant referring to a non-existent island as "Panther Island" bugs me.

Why do the powers that be in Fort Worth constantly have to hyperbolize? Calling this chunk of land Panther Island is just going to confuse Fort Worth's few tourists, just like calling its downtown Sundance Square, where there was no square til one was finally built, after decades of there being no square in Sundance Square.

Anyway, after having heard Mayor Betsy refer to the non-existent island I was soon walking around  Fosdick Lake. This had me pondering, what with the Fort Worth penchant for hyperbolizing, why not rename this little body of water as the Fosdick Sea?

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