Thursday, November 6, 2014

This Morning I Found Hoodoo Wannabes Showing Up On Facebook

It has been fairly well documented that I am a fan of Hoodoos, particularly those Hoodoos which mysteriously appear on the Tandy Hills.

I've not seen a Tandy Hills Hoodoo since last Saturday.

This morning on Facebook I was reminded of the Tandy Hills Hoodoos.

The first Hoodoo-like entry I saw today was from Miss Alice, also known as Tootsie Tonasket.

I have seen a Tandy Hills Hoodoo, a  time or two or three or more, which have been amazing acts of balancing and engineering, but none quite as adventurous as those pictured above.

And then there is the Hoodoo Facebook post from Mr. Halbert.

This one does not look manmade to me. It looks like the type of rock formations I have seen in the Hoodoo home state, Utah.

That rock looks a little dangerous.

Is it a balancing rock?

Apparently this picture was taken way back in 1968, so I don't think there is any chance Child Protective Services would take issue with parental units allowing a little kid to play under a big rock, what with 1968 being 46 years ago.

What this big rock picture is actually making me wonder is how long has it been since I've seen the redrock zone of Utah? That being my favorite location on the planet. I was on the ground in Utah in July of 2001, but I was not in the redrock zone. I have flown over the redrock zone of Utah a few times this century, but that does not count because you do not get the scenic wonderland effect from thousands of feet in the air.

I'd go check on the Tandy Hills Hoodoos today, but recent wetness might have left some mud in its wake, so I'll let a few days of drying out take place before I go Hoodoo hunting....

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