Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Stay South Of The North Face If You Know What Is Good For You

My incredibly great nephew, Spencer Jack, has been making a mighty strong case that I should move back to the Skagit Valley, going so far as to suggest I could stay in the guest wing of his Hillcrest home in Mount Vernon.

And then, just minutes ago, incoming email from Spencer Jack's dad, he being my favorite nephew, Jason, with the subject line of the email that which you see as the title of this blogging, "Stay South Of The North Face If You Know What Is Good For You."

In the body of the email, in addition to the newspaper clip you see on the left, was the following text...

"I found a good reason for you to continue living in Fort Worth via today's SV Herald.  Unless you enjoy milk, bread products and salmon."

I am feeling very conflicted. Should I move north? Should I stay south?

Even in Fort Worth, in addition to copious sunshine, I enjoy bread products and milk. Salmon, not so much, due to a scarcity of fresh out of the water salmon.

I don't think a salmon could long survive in the polluted Trinity River.

While up in my old home zone every year Spencer Jack's uncle Joey, he being my favorite nephew Joey, catches, in the Skagit River and other Pacific Northwest locations, more salmon than he knows what to do with.

I have long wondered why it is that the longer I live in the Deep South the more healthy I feel compared to when I lived in the Far North.

And now I know the reason.

Plenty of sun....


Steve A said...

Salmon are plentiful at Ocean Shores, though they are harder to get since the ferry to Westport stopped running.

Steve A said...

Sun - be careful about melanoma.