Saturday, November 1, 2014

Solo Tandy Hill Hiking Hoodoos Before Town Talking Cabbage

That Shadow of the Tandy Hills Thin Man was back on Fort Worth's best hills on this first day of November. Last Saturday I sort of overheated running up the Tandy Hills. This Saturday I was almost underdressed.

This morning we were colder here in the D/FW zone, at 39 degrees, than the balmy 50 something in my old home zone in the Skagit Valley of Washington.

I did not last long in the pool this morning. It was too cool and the hot tub was in  malfunction mode, as in it was not hot, not even warm.

Oodles of footprints on the new Tandy Hills trail seemed to indicate it is getting well traveled. I hope the trail blazers return to blaze some more trails.

On a perfect weather Saturday like today it is always a great puzzlement to me why there were no other hill hikers hiking hills today.

The Tandy Hills is pretty much at the center of a city with around 800,000 people, the majority of whom would benefit from more exercise. That city with around 800,000 people is part of a metropolitan area with around 6 million people, the majority of whom would also benefit from more exercise.

I've opined before that if something like the Tandy Hills existed a couple miles from the downtown's of Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, San Francisco, and many other towns, the hills would be alive with the sound of people on a day like today.

There is plenty of evidence that there are some people hiking the Tandy Hills.

Evidence such as the aforementioned footprints.

And there is also the Hoodoo evidence of humans on the hills. The Hoodoos don't build themselves.

Today's Hoodoo was shorter than the norm, but no less a feat of Hoodoo engineering.

After I'd had enough of the Hoodoos and the Hills I was off to Town Talk.

It's been a couple Saturdays since I've been to Town Talk on its busiest day.

Today I got another big chunk of Italian sausage, two big bags of russet spuds, strawberries, red kidney beans, two cases of soy yogurt, one lemon, one raspberry. I've not had soy yogurt before. I suspect I will like it. I also got a huge bag of already shredded cabbage.

Cabbage is currently my favorite vegetable. I think I will have some for lunch, as in right now....

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