Sunday, November 9, 2014

Congratulations To Chris & Sheila: Washington's Newest Newlyweds

On the left you are looking at something you are not allowed to see happening in Texas.

No. I am not talking about the forest of what look like giant Christmas trees.

If such a forest existed in Texas you would be allowed to see it.

What you are looking at is the wedding party of a wedding which took place yesterday, that being the second Saturday of November.

There is only one thing I can state as absolute fact that is in this picture that you are not allowed to see in Texas.

In Washington it is perfectly legal for any loving couple to get married, fully recognized by the state as being as legally legitimate as any wedding taking place in Texas.

The other thing that could be going on in this picture, that is perfectly legal in Washington, but could get you arrested in Texas, is everyone in the wedding party could have been smoking marijuana before the picture was taken, because doing such a thing is perfectly legal in freedom loving Washington, a progressive, not repressive state.

The wedding party being stone cold potted could explain why they all look so happy, but I suspect the reason for that is that this was a very happy wedding celebration. The reports I have received have mentioned a lot of music and dancing.

The last party I went to with the newlyweds was way back in November of 2005. That was a fun party with a lot of people. A bartender was behind a bar making tasty libations. For the first time ever I had myself a Long Island Iced Tea.

That party lasted til well after midnight. I don't know if I've stayed up so late at any point in time since.

The names of the newlyweds are Chris & Sheila. Months ago I told Chris she'd look real good in a wedding dress. Or any dress. The photo documentation confirms I was correct.

Congratulations Chris & Sheila.

Now that this is out of the way it is time to find a new puppy.....

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