Monday, November 24, 2014

Banana Hunting Instead Of Bike Riding Or Tandy Hill Hiking Today

I had intended to ride my bike on my neighborhood trails, well, roads, today, but by the time the noon rolling time rolled around the temperature was barely at the half century mark, with a slight wind blowing, and so I bailed on the biking and opted to walk to Albertsons on a banana hunt instead.

I doubt the Tandy Hills has dried out from this past weekend's deluge, so hill hiking did not cross my mind, that is until I checked in on Facebook and saw a post from the co-Godfather of the Tandy Hills, Philip Hennen.

Mr. Hennen posted three late in the day Tandy Hills photos along with a recommendation, saying "These sunny, late Fall days are perfect for getting lost at Tandy Hills Natural Area. I recommend late afternoon just before sundown which is about 5:30 P.M., these days."

I have hill hiked the Tandy Hills near the sundown time frame a time or two. I don't know when or why my regular Tandy Hills hike time became repetitively in the noon time frame.

That late in the afternoon light and shadows make for a much less harshly lit hiking experience than doing ones hill hiking under the glare of the noonday sun. That and the need for sunscreen is greatly lessened.

I am trying real hard to be less of a creature of repetitive habit, but I fear time shifting my hill hiking by several hours would be way too dire a change for my delicate sensibilities....

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