Sunday, November 9, 2014

All Aboard For The Fort Worth Bridge Boondoggle Ground Breaking Boycott

This morning I was thinking about yesterday's blogging about Mary Kelleher boycotting tomorrow's Trinity River Vision Boondoggle's ground breaking ceremony for its Three Bridges Over Nothing.

Thinking about the Three Bridges Over Nothing led to me once again wondering why no one but me seems to be baffled as to why The Boondoggle's construction of these bridges is scheduled to take four years.

Four years when bridges far more ambitious have been built over water in less than four years.

The only explanation my limited imagination can come up with for the four year project timeline is the bridges are being built in slow motion in the hope that by the time four years pass The Boondoggle may have found the money to build the ditch under the bridges to be filled with water, finally creating a pseudo island, which is currently called Panther Island, even though there is no island.

The bridge to my next thoughts led to thinking about Fort Worth's newly re-built West 7th Bridge. To my eyes this is a good looking bridge.

The Boondoggle claims its Three Bridges Over Nothing are signature bridges which will become iconic images representing the entry to the vaunted imaginary Panther Island.

Why did The Boondoggle not mirror the look of the West 7th Bridge for its Three Bridges Over Nothing? The West 7th Bridge is visually interesting. The artist's renderings I have seen of the Three Bridges Over Nothing indicate those bridges are not going to be even remotely visually interesting.

As I did all this bridge thinking I decided to blog about it. That had me looking for a picture of the West 7th Bridge. That led me to a Dallas Observer article, part of which is screencapped above, with the title Sorry, Fort Worth, But Your New "Signature" Bridge Is Pathetic.

Now that seems a bit rude. I've not heard the West 7th Bridge referred to as a "Signature" bridge. I certainly don't think the bridge is pathetic.

The first three paragraphs in the Dallas Observer article amused me, with the amusement due to the fact that that which is being written about happened way back in October of 2013, but could also describe what is happening, bridge-wise, in Fort Worth tomorrow...

This afternoon in Fort Worth, a "parade of dignitaries" will mark the opening of the new West 7th Street, and good for them. It's a fully competent work of civil engineering and a pleasant enough way to get to downtown Fort Worth, if get to downtown Fort Worth you must.

It's just that the level of excitement -- and remember that we say this as a friend and neighbor -- has grown unseemly. People are dropping adjectives like "signature" and "one-of-a-kind" as if no one's ever built a bridge before.

We urge the people of Fort Worth put down their celebratory bottles of Andre, pause for a moment, and cast their gaze eastward. There on the horizon, if their eyes can penetrate 35 miles through the smog, they'll notice a majestic -- nay, heavenly -- glow. Closer inspection will reveal the source as a span that truly deserves superlatives, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

I vaguely remember reading and possibly blogging about this Dallas Observer article back when it was published. If you read the entire article you will find that the writer does have some fun making fun of Fort Worth, but, the writer is also having fun making fun of Dallas and its "Signature" bridge. And by the end of the article the writer sort of back handedly compliments Fort Worth, advising Fort Worthers to stop embarrassing themselves giddily parading down their mediocre bridge, but to instead slink back into their "vibrant downtown and human-scale developments and bikeable neighborhoods and think long and hard about what truly makes a great city."

Sounds like good advice to me, good advice that Fort Worth would be very wise to heed.....


Anonymous said...

I'm thinking about lugging my canoe downtown tomorrow. I will launch into the non-existent future bypass channel fully attired in life vest and fishing cap and observe the pomp and ceremony while casting a line into the dirt.

Steve A said...

I pray that the TRV bridges over nothing accommodate modes of transport beyond cars, just in case the bridges ever serve some real purpose.