Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Semi-Stormy Saturday In Texas With Mary Kelleher Stuck In The Ukraine

This next to last Saturday of November was predicted to be extremely wet and stormy at my location on the planet.

In the middle of the night, last night, there was a short bout of heavy rain pounding the windows.

Early this morning, in the hot tub, I did experience some drippage dripping on me, and saw lightning far in the distance to the east, along with slight post-lightning strike rumblings.

At noon I left my abode for a drizzly walk up to Albertsons. As you can see, via the view looking up at the security spears which protect me from intruders and other nuisances, it is a gray day in Texas.

Today is reminding me of a winter day on Washington's Pacific coast. It is likely the only person who may be reading this who knows what I'm talking about is Steve A in Ocean Shores on the Washington coast.

The first jolt of the day was from Mary Kelleher, emailing from Kiev, Ukraine, where she desperately needed to be wired money so as to pay her hotel bill and escape the clutches of Putin and return to the relative safety of Texas.

I suspected this email may have been one of those Nigerian type email money scams. But then I thought it made sense for Mary Kelleher  to go on a fact finding trip to Ukraine to see how another corrupt oligarchy operates and maybe pick up some tips on how to deal with the type corruption inherit when one finds oneself dealing with a corrupt oligarchy.

On Facebook Mary Kelleher posted a post about her Ukrainian troubles, with that post eliciting a lot of sympathy.

Anyway, I think I am about 24 hours away from sliding into a fresh bout of Seasonally Affected Disorder. I am so spoiled anymore I seem to be able to only go two days without sun before I start feeling SAD....

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